Exercise Physiology

Exercise safely and feel better

Kick off your healthy lifestyle and exercise safely

Our accredited Exercise Physiologists are trained to help you exercise safely. and will help inspire, empower and guide you on your pathway to getting active, feeling healthy and becoming happy. 

Overcome your Challenges with Exercise Physiology

Our accredited exercise physiologist can guide and help you develop a safe and effective exercise plan, regardless of your chronic illness or level of disability, to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals. 

We have a large, light & bright gym space, filled with all the equipment required. Whether you’re new to exercise, returning to exercise after a long break, or have never exercised in a gym space before, you’ll get an exercise routine tailored to your needs and goals. 

We give you the tools

We feel it’s really important to empower our clients to take control of your life. Equipping you with the knowledge and tools to better manage your condition with exercise, and help you achieve the health outcomes you are striving for.

You are our focus

Our client centred approach allows a supportive relationship with your practitioner or team of practitioners at Pathways, that allows you the autonomy to make the best decisions for your life and treatment journey. 


Book an Assessment with one of our Exercise Physiologists today and start moving better.