"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can"

Nadine Moawad

Graduate of LaTrobe University with a Masters in Physiotherapy

Nadine is dedicated to making a positive impact on her patients with a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm

With a background in basketball and a deep passion for the transformative power of exercise, Nadine is committed to helping individuals achieve their goals, aiding in their recovery, and helping them overcome physical challenges. 

Nadine brings a versatile approach to treatment, addressing a diverse spectrum of needs with expertise and compassion. Her passions lie in supporting individuals with sporting injuries, osteoarthritis, and neurological conditions, alongside her dedication to Women’s health physiotherapy. During her three-year tenure working at a local football club, Nadine gained invaluable experience in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques, further enhancing her expertise in physiotherapy. 

Drawing from her own sporting background, Nadine understands firsthand the importance of tailored treatment approaches and the role of physical activity in promoting overall well-being. She embraces a holistic approach to physiotherapy, incorporating strength and conditioning techniques with manual therapy and a consideration of the biopsychosocial factors contributing to our health.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Nadine leads an active and fulfilling lifestyle. On weekends, you’ll often find her on the basketball court, honing her skills and staying connected with her passion for the game. Whether she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen, attending concerts, or socialising over brunch with friends, she approaches each moment with zest and vitality.

With her unwavering dedication and genuine passion for physiotherapy, Nadine is committed to empowering her patients to lead fulfilling and active lives, every step of the way.


Nadine Moawad

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