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Get expert advice, from wherever you are

Get Expert advice wherever you are

If you've got pain but can't get to your local Physio, we've got you covered with Online Physiotherapy

Have questions about how Online Physiotherapy works?    See our Online Physiotherapy FAQ Page HERE

Access to our friendly, professional and passionate Physio's

If you’ve got pain, annoying aches or niggles, but are stuck in isolation, working from home, or away on holiday, accessing essential health service is not always convenient or possible. Which is why Pathways Physiotherapy now offers Online Physio for the people of Melbourne, and across Australia.

Find the cause of your pain

Get a Professional Diagnosis for your pain following a comprehensive online assessment. Our Expert Physiotherapists will ask you in depth questions to get to the bottom of your pain, and watch you perform movements to get to the root cause of your problem. 

Get Expert Advice

Get quality advice to help you out of pain. Our Physiotherapists will provide you with advice, as well as tips and tricks to use tools such as spikey balls, foam rollers, or even that old tennis ball you have at home, to give you the pain relief you need. 

Get an Exercise Program tailored to your needs

You’ll be provided by an exercise program that’s specific to your needs, to help you overcome pain and injury. Furthermore, using our Exercise App Physi-Track you can watch video’s on how to perform your exercises safely, record any pain you may be getting, and even message your Physio to have your exercises progressed when they get too easy. 



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  • Who is Online (Telehealth) Physiotherapy ideal for?

    Online Physiotherapy is ideal for anyone who:

    • Can’t attend the clinic, but who wants access to the best Physiotherapy treatment, that may not be close to where they live.
    • Wants to save time, avoid traffic and enjoy the convenience of having access to an expert Physiotherapist from their own home.
    • Has already been given a diagnosis by their doctor or specialist, but would like guidance, or further explanation of their injury.
    • May be restricted due to injury or disability, which makes it difficult to attend the appointment.
    • Lives remotely, in a rural area with minimal health services, or overseas.
    • Is planning to travel but wants to keep up with their rehab.
  • Is my injury suitable for an Online Physio Consultation?

    The majority of musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for an online Physiotherapy consultation, but if we determine that your injury is not suitable, we’ll refund your money and refer you to the most appropriate clinic for “hands on” treatment.

  • How can a Physio assess my injury without even touching me?

    All Physiotherapy consultations begin with a “Subjective History”, or a series of questions to get to the bottom of what has caused your injury, what factors may be contributing to your pain, how the injury / pain is impacting on your life and what you can or can’t do. 

    By the end of this subjective history our Physiotherapist will already have a clear idea of your probable diagnosis, and will then be able to get you to perform a series of movements in front of your computer or mobile device to confirm this diagnosis. 

    If there is still some questions or any concerns, the Physiotherapist may refer you for further scanning (X-Ray, CT scan, Ultrasound or MRI, etc) or to see your doctor. Or if they feel you need a “hands on” assessment, your Physiotherapist will refer you on without charge.

  • How can a Physiotherapist treat my injury without even touching me?

    While the traditional view is that “hands on” treatment is the majority of what Physiotherapists do. In reality, this part of treatment only makes up a small portion of what Physiotherapists do to assist with injury management. 

    Expert advice on what activities are safe to perform at various stages of your recovery, as well as what activities to avoid to prevent your injury going backwards is essential to see progress, particularly in the early stages of recovery. 

    While an individually tailored and safe exercise program specific to your injury, that assists the injured body part to heal, strengthen and build resilience, has been proven by research to be the most important aspect of any treatment.

    This provides an effective and incredibly valuable consultation that can be performed completely online.

  • What equipment may a Physiotherapist recommend I use to help relieve my pain?

    There are a number of “self massaging” tools that may be useful to release tight muscles to help relieve pain, such as a spikey balls, foam rollers, pocket physio’s, Theracanes, lacrosse balls, and “the stick”. just too name a few.

    Other important pieces of exercise equipment include exercise tubing or “theraband”, weight and dumbbells, booty bands and dura discs.

  • So how does it work? What software do I need and do I need to download anything?

    Connecting to an Online Physiotherapy Consultation is really easy. You don’t need to download any software, nor purchase any fancy webcam or audio equipment.

    When you book an Online Physiotherapy consultation with us, we will send you a confirmation email which will contain a link to connect to the appointment. 

    A few minutes before your appointment simply click (or press if your using your mobile device or tablet) this link to attend the consultation.  The consultation will open up in your browser with your Physio’s smiling face waiting for you. 

  • How do I know if I am doing my exercises correctly?

    We use Physitrack, which is an amazing app that you can download onto your mobile or tablet to give you access to your exercise program.

    Not only will you get video’s demonstrating the exercises we’re hand picked for you, but you’ll see how many sets and reps, what weight you may need to use, and be able to track how often you’ve performed your exercises, and whether you’ve had any pain with your exercises. 

  • What about payment? How do I pay for my consultation?

    Our amazing Reception team will be in touch with you immediately following the appointment to take payment via credit card.

  • I have Private Health Insurance, will I be able to use this to partially fund my Online Physiotherapy consultation?

    The private health funds have only recently announced that they will cover some Online Physiotherapy consultations, but only under very strict criteria.

    People who have had recent surgery and need rehabilitation, or those suffering from chronic conditions are the only groups of people that can utilise their private health insurance for Online Physiotherapy consultations. 

  • Are people on Workcover, NDIS, TAC, DVA, or on a Chronic Care Plan (EPC) eligible for an Online Physiotherapy consultation?

    Workcover, NDIS, DVA, TAC and people with a Chronic care plan (EPC) from their GP are all eligible to have an Online Physiotherapy consultation.


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