I love helping people achieve their best outcomes

James Smith

James helps you to feel better and perform at your best.

Having worked for over a decade as a Remedial Massage Therapist, and having achieved an advanced diploma in Myotherapy, James is incredibly passionate and caring, and will always put your needs first.


With a passion for all forms of massage, James will use various forms of myo-fascial release, cupping and dry needling to help you feel and move better. James is particularly passionate about carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) , rotator cuff injury, neck pain and headaches. 


James works as a Sports Trainer at the Monbulk Football and Netball clubs, and over his career has worked with elite athletes, Pro bodybuilders and fitness legends.


Outside of working at Pathways loves going for Bushwalks up in the Dandenong’s, woodworking spending time with his family of three, and enjoys sharing a drop of wine with friends.

Remedial Massage

James Smith