Fitness Pilates classes

Level up the intensity with fitness Pilates classes

Level up the intensity of your Pilates workout

Raise the intensity of your pilates workout with our fitness pilates classes, now at Pathways Physiotherapy.

Push yourself

We offer Fitness Pilates classes for those that are looking to level up their workout. Featuring a mixture of dynamic reformer and mat sequences, this 50 minute workout will push you to your potential.

Accelerate your health and fitness goals

Our Fitness Pilates classes are for those who have established a base level of strength & fitness and are ready to push themselves, and their goals. Ideal for people who have moved on from a previous injury or rehab, and are now wishing to take the next step in their health journey, or for those looking for a regular exercise routine, and who absolutely love pilates.

Smaller class sizes

Capped at just 6 participants per class, your Pilates instructor will give you the extra attention your crave – whether it be to suggest little adjustments to improve your form, or even to notice when you’re cruising and give you that extra little push you need. 

These classes are fast paced, challenging, dynamic and a whole lot of fun.  

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to find the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, in an environment that is challenging, but also welcoming and accommodating to all.

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