Passionate health

Discover the path to better health.

We are passionate about health.

Our team of enthusiastic and skilled health professionals at Pathways Physiotherapy are passionate about helping you on your path to better health.


Michael Eshetu

Michael’s passion is helping athletes achieve their full potential through injury prevention and strengthening.


Daniel Michael

Daniel thrives within the strength and conditioning area and loves working with his hands providing manual therapy to help facilitate progress and results.


Amelia Linane

With extensive experience in the dance industry, and a love for pilates, Amelia has a passion for helping people from all walks of life overcome their pain and achieve their health and fitness goals. 

Exercise Physiology

Taylor Holmes

Taylor will empower you with the tools to regain and fit and active lifestyle. 


Jayde MacDonough

Jayde MacDonough has an eye for detail and a passion for clinical pilates and treating dance-related pain and injury.

Remedial Massage Therapist

Nicky Ogilvie

With over 10 years experience, Nicky loves to help you feel better and perform at your best using a vast array of soft tissue techniques and therapies. 



With 15 years of experience in the field, Travis specialises in treating hip pain and injury.