Kirsty Allen

“Movement is the best form of exercise we can feed our bodies”

Masters of Clinical Exercise at Deakin University

Kirsty helps clients build meaningful health & fitness habits

With a passion for the positive impact of exercise, Kirsty finds reward in guiding individuals through their fitness milestones, aiding in their recovery, and building meaningful health and fitness habits.

With a versatile approach to treatment, Kirsty enjoys addressing a broad spectrum of needs. She has a particular passion for falls prevention in older adults and relishes the challenges of strength and conditioning-based training.

After playing softball at both the local and state levels, Kirsty transitioning from softball and embraced strength training, maintaining an active lifestyle with regular workouts. In the past year, Kirsty has also ventured into the world of golf, attempting to master the game one swing at a time.

Beyond the clinic, you’ll find Kirsty pursuing various interests during the weekends. She dedicates time to the gym, explores new places, and enjoys leisurely walks with her partner. Socializing over brunch with friends is a favorite pastime, as is indulging in a bit of treasure hunting at op shops and plant shops.

Exercise Physiologist

Kirsty Allen

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