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6 reasons to choose a career at Pathways Physiotherapy

  • Be part of a team that loves working together
  • Get personal, professional and leadership development
  • Join a multidisciplinary team that can offer different perspectives to patient care
  • Be paid well for the work you put in
  • Enjoy working in a large, light and bright gym & pilates space
  • Enjoy a flexible roster that works for you

Why you'll love working at Pathways Physiotherapy!

Why you'll love working at Pathways Physiotherapy


If you’re a talented health professional who’s excited about working with a team of legends, then we’re looking for YOU!

Our Clinic Vision is to build a Multi-D team of passionate Physio’s, Remedial Massage Therapists and Myotherapists, EP’s, and Clinical Psychologists or Mindfulness practitioners, who get energised by working together to create lifelong impact for their clients. Whilst client outcomes are our absolute core focus, creating a work environment where people genuinely enjoy coming to work with each other is just as important to us. 




The Pathways Team spend a Team Workshop day at The Coaching Zone

What to expect working at Pathways Physiotherapy?

Professional & personal growth

It’s important that all our team members get the support they need to provide the best care for their clients, and help their clients achieve their best possible outcomes. 

Our goal is to not only mentor and support therapists to become the best therapists they can be, but more importantly, to help nurture happy and fulfilled humans. 

This is why we provide support through one-on-one mentoring and coaching, one-on-one case reviews, fortnightly team inservices, and team case reviews.

Belong to a team

A sense of belonging to the team is what we try to nurture at Pathways Physiotherapy, because we really do believe that team work makes the dream work. 

One of the things we do to help nurture our team culture is to hold Team Workshops every 3 months, to understand and get to know each other better, and to workshop ideas and solutions to improve the way we provide outcomes for our clients.

The best equipment & technology

We have invested in awesome gym and pilates equipment, and we also utilise technology to try and make our lives, and the lives of our clients as easy as possible. We use Physitrack for exercise prescription, Cliniko for patient management, and SLACK for communication within our clinic (and of course, we absolutely let the emojis fly!).

Our clinic is large, light and bright, and filled with 3 pilates Reformers, a Trap table and a Wunderchair, along with S&C equipment such as a squat rack, cable machine and kettlebells. All the tools you need to revise the best care for your clients. 

We have fun

Treating clients all day isn’t easy. The stress and mental load of finding the right treatment to provide, giving support when people are in pain, and motivating and coaching people to manage their condition, cannot be underestimated. 

Which is why it’s so important that we strike the right balance and don’t take our jobs too seriously. At Pathways we try and mix the hard work of treating clients, with times to celebrate, let our hair down and enjoy each others company. 

What makes us special?

Let's get to the specifics, what makes us special?

  • Development & support

    One of our Clinic Core Values is “We are lifelong learners”, and so the growth and development of our team is really important. 

    We provide – 

    • One on one Case Reviews and Mentoring alternating every Fortnight.
    • Clinical Inservice and Group Case Reviews alternating every Fortnight.
    • External Speakers: We team up with other clinics in our area to provide CPD from experts in their field, who come and present & teach at our clinic. 
    • We also support your own CPD by providing 50% reimbursement of external courses, up to $1500 each year. 
  • Team culture

    At Pathways Physiotherapy, Team Culture really is everything! 

    From the recruitment & hiring process, to the induction, and to the rhythm of team meetings, inservices and activities, we make it a focus to make sure everyone feels like they’re part of the team. 

    Even the simple things, like having a communal therapist note writing area for therapists to write notes together, rather than alone in their own treatment rooms, we believe helps nature a sense of team and belonging.

    We also run Team Workshops or Culture Days every 3 months, where we close the clinic and workshop new ideas to make the clinic better. A typical team workshop will include some form of physical activity (think a session at the local gym, a walk through the Dandenongs, or a mindful yoga session), team building activities, and group problem solving. 


  • Treatment philosophy

    Exercise or manual therapy? …….. Why not BOTH!

    With so much division within the Physiotherapy industry around a “hands on vs hands off” approach, we feel strongly that there’s room for both. Which is why we pride ourselves on being able to tailor an approach that’s ideal for the client in front of us. 

    We provide Individualised Treatment Pathways

    We all know that each individual client will have their own treatment journey that will work for them, and help them acheive their ideal outcome. 

    They may have simple needs, such as a wry neck that needs a few sessions of manual therapy, or something more complex, such as a whiplash injury that requires pain management and education, manual therapy, and a robust rehab program. We believe that we have the team of multidisciplinary professionals with a varied skillset, and who can work together to provide the best individualised treatment pathway for every client. 

    By providing multiple paths to full recovery – Physio manual therapy, rehab & exercise, Pilates (1:1 and groups), GLA:D Osteoarthritis group exercise, Exercise Physiology and Remedial Massage Therapy – we know that we can tailor a program that works best for the individual.

    We aim to Inspire Lifelong Change

    So often we see clients that have been given just symptomatic relief by treaters at other clinics, without getting to the root cause of their pain. We understand that the majority of clients may actually have a number of lifestyle factors contributing to their pain. To enable optimal recovery, we understand the importance of digging deeper to understand these complex factors, to draw the clients attention to these factors, and offer solutions, so that we can inspire change that actually lasts a lifetime! 


  • The type of clients we see

    We see a wide variety of clients including – 

    • 80% Private musculoskeletal clients,
    • 20% Compensable (Worlcover, TAC, DVA) and NDIS clients.

    We most commonly see musculoskeletal clients that are referred from – 

    • Surgeons who refer hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, neck and back injured clients for rehab and surgery prevention;
    • GPs who refer typical musculoskeletal clients
    • Personal Trainers and Gyms whom we have a great relationship with, because we keep their clients happy and in the gym training hard!
    • Allied Health professionals, including Podiatrists, Osteopaths and Myotherapists
    • Sporting clubs – football & netball
  • Salary & pay

    We want our team members to feel secure in their pay, but also have the opportunity to be rewarded for being awesome! 

    Thats why we offer our team members the security of an annual salary that’s well above AWARD, along with with super. But we will also pay commission based on client billings each month. 

    So if, for whatever reason you had a quiet month (or went away on holiday) and you didn’t bill enough to earn commission, no problem, you still get paid an attractive wage.

    However, if you’ve had a bumper month, then you will be rewarded by the fruits of your labour by getting paid commission with super.

  • Roster flexibility

    We wholeheartedly believe that work life harmony is so crucial. Which is why, rather than your boss telling you what your roster will be, we let our team work together to create a roster that works for everyone.

    Got footy training on Tuesday and Thursday nights, no worries. Got to get the kids to school in the morning, no problem. Want to work Saturday but have Monday off, no dramas. 

    Our roster is rotated every 3 months, so you’re never stuck working the same roster for months on end. If you are happy with your roster? No worries! You can stay on the same roster if it works for you!

    If the team is happy, and our clients are happy, then we’re happy! 


Career Opportunities

Current Career Opportunities at Pathways Physiotherapy


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