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Nicole Symons

Graduate of Melbourne University

Nicole loves helping women achieve their physical goals.

As our Leading Physiotherapist, Nicole has an exceptional skillset to help clients recover from pain and injury and get back to doing what they love. With a particular interest in Pilates and Women’s Health, Nicole is passionate about helping women during pregnancy and postpartum, to overcome pain and incontinence, and to help guide women back to exercise safely. 


As a basketballer, a black belt in Karate, and having run a marathon, Nicole also has a particular interest in helping women at all stages of life stay active. After looking after professional Basketball, Men’s and Women’s Football and Volleyball teams, Nicole understands the demands that sport places on an athlete’s body. She runs both 1:1 and group Clinical Pilates to optimise performance, regain mobility and re-activate core muscle strength and control.


Using a combination of hands-on techniques such as massage and joint mobilisation, an expert understanding of the body and how it responds to pain, as well as a broad kitbag of rehab exercises, Nicole has the skillset to help her clients overcome any obstacle they may be facing in life. Whether it be returning to sport, postpartum recovery or pottering around the garden. On top of this, Nicole’s manner, and empathetic nature makes her a great listener, which helps her to understand the challenges you’re facing. 


Outside of work Nicole loves catching up with her friends for a run or a hike, trying new restaurants or coffee spots, or watching her beloved Western Bulldogs! 

Leading Physiotherapist

Nicole Symons

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