Clinical Pilates & Exercise

Move Better with Clinical Pilates

You'll Move Better with Clinical Pilates & exercise

At Pathways Physiotherapy in Ferntree Gully we provide Clinical Pilates, an individually tailored exercise method which includes Pilates-informed exercises, focussing on addressing weaknesses in the body that contribute to an injury, or that decrease physical performance.

Designed for You

What is so effective about Clinical Pilates & exercise is that it is designed to suit your specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as being a safe way to exercise in the presence of injury.

All the benefits of Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates & exercise benefits those with acute or longstanding back pain, hip, groin, and shoulder injuries, patients recovering from surgery, pre and post-natal women, and individuals looking to improve their overall training performance.

Private or Group Sessions

Pathways Physiotherapy provide you with Private 1 on 1 Clinical Pilates & exercise sessions, which involve detailed assessment and continued exercises targeting your weak areas, Semi-Private small group sessions based on your own, individually tailored program, as well as larger, Mat classes. Appropriate for whatever stage of recovery your in. 

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