"If exercise could be packaged as a pill, it would the single most widely used medicine in the nation"

– Robert Butler, National Institute of Aging

Graduate of Victoria University.

Taylor empowers people to take control of their personal health goals

Taylor Holmes graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of exercise science and a Masters of Clinic Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation.

After growing up loving Basketball and Athletics, Taylor’s focus has shifted towards exercise for personal enjoyment.  He loves snowboarding, cycling and running, but has a particular passion for the slow, but infinitely rewarding benefits of strength training. 

Throughout his career he’s helped clients with a wide variety of chronic conditions and illness, but he has a particular passion for clients with disability or neurological disorders, diabetes, chronic pain and cardiac and pulmonary illness, as well as post surgical rehab.   

Taylor strongly believes in helping guide people to make long term behavioural change, and understands the challenges that people suffering from chronic illness face when trying to develop new health & fitness habits.

Taylor believes that giving people the tools to be able to make lifelong change will empower people to live healthy and active lives, and reduce dependance on the health system. 

Even away from working at Pathways Physiotherapy Taylor is a gym rat. But when he’s not in the gym, he loves socialising and when he gets the time he enjoys walks on the beach with his partner. 

Exercise Physiologist

Taylor Holmes

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