3 Tips for a successful return to Sport & Exercise following COVID-19

by Michael

3 tips for a successful return to Sport & Exercise following COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly provided the world with significant challenges, and while the world slowly recovers there are likely to be some further physical challenges ahead as people return to the “new normal” after Isolation.


One of the potential problems that we see arising as Physiotherapists, is the impact that isolation will have on sports and exercise-induced injuries


We’ve already seen a dramatic spike in injuries in the German Soccer League The Bundesliga, as well as a number of injuries during training in both the AFL (Australia Football League) and NFL (the US National Football League), due to having such a long break away from training and playing, as well as difficulties in players maintaining adequate fitness and strength levels whilst in isolation.


In this Video we explain the Top 3 tips you can implement to prevent injury upon return to your Sport or Exercise program of choice. Namely – 

  1. Listen to your Body
  2. Implement, or maintain your Strength Program
  3. Pace Yourself


Check out the Video below for more information –


Michael is a Physiotherapist who specialises in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation at Pathways Physiotherapy. 


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