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Physiotherapy treatment in Kilsyth Melbourne

We are committed to easing your pain, restore movement and improve the quality of life.

When you notice that a muscle or joint is not behaving the way it used to or experience an injury, most physiotherapy experts in Kilsyth, Melbourne, provide treatment until the pain/symptoms go away. However, the issue with such an approach is that the underlying cause is left untreated. The pain and ache will be back sooner or later.

We identify the cause.

At Pathways Physiotherapy, we identify the cause of your physical problem before resolving the symptoms. Once the underlying cause is established, we use our experience, knowledge and training to create the best treatment for you.

How we help.

The physiotherapy specialist at our clinic near Kilsyth, Melbourne will:

  • Observe and assess your movement and the overall physical condition.
  • Analyse and identify your problems.
  • Build a treatment plan with you.
  • Manage the treatment program based on the jointly agreed goals and your lifestyle.
  • Evaluate your progress, modifying the treatment as necessary to ensure consistent improvement and progression.

Our Physiotherapy Services

Pathways Physiotheraphy offer clients a range of services
along with our state of the art equipment.

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Pathways Physiotherapy Kilsyth, Melbourne offers an experience like no other. A doctor’s referral isn’t necessary to consult our physiotherapists.

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