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Physiotherapy treatment in Boronia Melbourne

Some of the common problems we treat.

At Pathways Physiotherapy Boronia, Melbourne, our qualified physiotherapists can solve and help avoid a lot of painful issues you might encounter. No matter the cause of your injury/pain, our physiotherapy specialists can put together a plan to help you recover in no time.

Neck Pain.

Neck pain is caused either due to poor posture or injury. The pain can radiate to the upper back, shoulders and even arms. Physiotherapy treatment can provide relief.

Back Pain.

Two in three people suffer from low back pain at some point in their lives. Usually, the cause is injury (lifting incorrectly), overuse or incorrect posture.


Neck problems can sometimes give rise to headaches. They are usually subtle and gradually become problematic. Visit our physiotherapy clinic in Boronia, Melbourne to bid goodbye to headaches and any other chronic pain.

Repetitive Strain.

This could be a result of sports, work, gardening – anything that puts undue pressure on a part body.

Sports Injuries.

Exercise and sports are good for your health. However, there are chances of injury. Contact sports involving running and twisting are the biggest cause of injuries.

Post-surgical rehabilitation.

Sometimes, post-surgical recovery can mandate physiotherapy. Some examples include knee ACL reconstruction, knee/hip joint replacement, shoulder rotator cuff repair, and low back fusions. As part of this programf, we focus on restoring strength, function and range of motion.

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Pathways Physiotherapy have been providing competitively priced physiotherapy treatment in Melbourne. With a combined experience of over 50 years, our physiotherapists have been treating clients from Boronia and across Melbourne.

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