Change happens through movement, and movement heals

Isabelle Greenwood

Graduate of the School of Hamburg Ballet & certifications in pilates via the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute

Issy has a deep passion for the transformative power of pilates

With a deep love for Pilates and a belief that it is truly for everyone, Isabelle, or Issy, is committed to sharing its benefits with as many people as possible. She knows firsthand the transformative power of Pilates, having personally experienced how it saved her from a lower back injury, shaping her into the strong and flexible person she is today.

Issy’s journey began as a professional ballet dancer in Europe, where she trained and performed for three years. Her background in dance instilled in her a profound appreciation for movement and its ability to connect the mind and body. Now, her passion lies in teaching Pilates, a form of movement that she believes brings joy and healing to the lives of her clients.

Issy’s heart truly lights up when she introduces beginners to the world of Pilates, and she gets to witness their growth in strength and confidence week by week, bringing her immeasurable joy.

Outside of her fitness endeavours, Issy cherishes quality time with her partner, and when not teaching or exercising, she can be found curled up on the couch with a book, indulging in her passion for reading.

With Issy as your Pilates instructor, you can expect to be inspired, challenged, and guided on a journey of physical and mental transformation. Her dedication, knowledge, and love for Pilates will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on your fitness journey.

Fitness Pilates Instructor

Isabelle Greenwood