Recognize what gives you joy, and let that drive you towards your recovery

Dion Kapnias

Graduate of La Trobe University.

Dion is passionate about helping people get back to the things they love

Dion Kapnias graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of applied science and a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice.

Having played Aussie Rules football and basketball all his life, Dion loves everything sport and exercise related. His passion is helping people suffering from pain and injury, to get back doing the things that they love to do.

Whether is be helping a weekend runner with ankle pain get back to training for a half marathon, or an avid walker overcome their nagging hip pain, Dion derives motivation from hearing the joy in people voices when they return to the things that give them joy. 

Dion utilises physiotherapy techniques such as joint mobilisation and soft tissue massage to facilitate exercise and rehabilitation, and also runs Pilates and GLA:D groups at the clinic. 

Away from working at Pathways Physiotherapy, Dion enjoys going for a run and getting into the gym, but he also loves getting out and about to markets, and finding a vintage bargain. 


Dion Kapnias

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