Our Philosophy

At Pathways Physiotherapy in Ferntree Gully, our goal is to empower, motivate, and essentially lead you on a pathway to better health. Our number one objective is to not only help you recover from pain and injury, but also equip you with directions to a healthier and happier you.

While our aim is to provide you with symptomatic pain relief in the short term, we're also very much focused on finding the root cause of your problem, so that we can provide a detailed plan to help get you back on the road to full and permanent recovery.

Our individually tailored treatment pathway will be transparent and clearly communicated to you. But it’s not just a two-way street between client and physio that will help you on your road to recovery; your GP, surgeon, relevant specialists, personal trainers, coaches, and even your family will be part of the greater solution. In essence, you will have a whole team of people all on the same page and working towards your common goal.

Our team of enthusiastic and passionate health professionals at Pathways Physiotherapy have a vast array of specialties which include massage, joint manipulation, taping and clinical pilates. We encourage our clients to think bigger about what they can achieve when it comes to their health. By providing the appropriate expertise, coaching, preventative advice, as well as the right environment, it’s our goal not to get you back to your old self, but to create your new self!